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Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kumar Khan

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Principal’s Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to reach out to you through our website. Life is precious and therein lies a need for careful preparation for it. For us, education does not lie in the quantification of knowledge but in the quality of knowledge that widens mental horizons and encourages freedom of thought among students. In this era of cut-throat competition, it is essential for educational institutions to develop their students into well-groomed successors of their heritage.

R.M. College Saharsa, established to augment higher education among students in 1984, offers a wide scope for students

” To follow knowledge, like a sinking star
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.”

With the help of our highly qualified and passionately motivated faculty members, we at R.M. College Saharsa have successfully created a holistic environment where learning is a collaborative and enjoyable activity.

Choosing what and where to study are two of the most important decisions you are ever going to have to make. The choices available to you are greater than ever before. It is important that the decisions you are about to make are the right ones for you as they will affect not just your time in education but also your future career and life chances.

So, why should you choose to study with us at R.M. College Saharsa ? Well, we have a well-deserved reputation for outstanding support for students, high quality programmes that fully prepare our students for employment, superb practical facilities and strong, highly effective links with industry. That view is shared by the thousands of students.

We believe R.M. College Saharsa is the right place for you to study but don’t just take our word for it. Why not come along to one of our Open Days, have a look at what we have to offer and take the opportunity to speak to staff and current students? I know that if you take the time to check us out you will want to join us.

I hope that you will give careful thought to your choice of programme and I look forward to welcoming you to R.M. College Saharsa.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that this virtual environment gives you a sense of our college, the college’s philosophy of education, our passion for student learning and the world of opportunities which await any student fortunate enough to attend R.M. College Saharsa.