Principal’s Desk

Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kumar Khan

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Vision & Mission

  • To provide excellence in education and research.
  • To provide national & international facilities to students and faculty.
  • To provide unifying and interdisciplinary aspects of education.
  • To encourage computer as an aid to study, as an object to study a professional tool, an intellectual tool, an instrument of social change, as medium of instruction with a view to encourage computer education to help students develop their professional and intellectual abilities
  • To develop strong communication skills in the students.
  • To create awareness for self and life long learning.
  • To create sensitivity to historical, ethical, cultural and human values.
  • To create an intellectual and healthy spirit and capacity for critical judgment.
  • To develop entrepreneurship among students.
  • To develop continual and sustaining educational programmed.
  • To create enthusiasm for development with an eye on equity, justice and environment values
  • To undertake resource generation and provide consultancy services.
  • To promote liberalization and national interest


  • Access to modern course materials of national standard
  • Enhancement of the quality of education imparted to students.
  • Enhancement in avenues for jobs to the students.
  • Enhancement in value addition to the existing programmes
  • Enhancement of opportunities.
  • All round development of students.
  • Benefits to the community & society.